Friday, March 11, 2022

It's Tragic That Britney Spears Is Not A Friend Of Roy!


Hello random Internet user.  Did you know Paul and I wrote a song called "We Got Beat Down In A Britney Spears Mosh Pit" sometime in 1998?  Back then Britney had just released "...Baby One More Time" and hadn't yet decided to date Justin Timberlake and wear a matching set of denim jumpsuits to the American Music Awards.  Chris Crocker hadn't demanded people "leave Britney alone" either but we were back in 1998 trailblazing the modern #freebritney movement.  The song may be satire juxtaposing the hard music we were fond of with her brand of pop revels but the friendly message remains the same as I sing at the end of the song

"This raps for Miss Britney Spears, this song helped me get rid of my fears.  I love her to the end cause she's my friend, sure I got beat down but I'd do it again. Out."

I wanted those lyrics to be future telling but so far they have not been.  I think you can join in our collective mourning that after being pioneers in the support Britney Spears movement we still are not friends with one of the greatest pop stars of all time.  ❤️

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